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Capital Advisers


UBB’s extent of experience in these industries makes us particularly well-suited to provide a full range of real estate and financial advisory services, including:

  • Divestiture and Lease Mitigation
  • Refinancing and Recapitalization
  • Merger and Corporate Acquisition Opportunities
  • Restructures
  • New Construction
  • Real Estate Portfolio Evaluation and Analysis

Major lenders, franchisors, multi-unit owners and operators, and franchisees have retained us to consult with and assist them in the evaluation of their existing real estate portfolios or proposed acquisitions.

UBB’s real estate and financial professionals are uniquely qualified to evaluate and analyze real estate portfolios, for existing operations as well as portfolios which companies are considering acquiring.

UBB’s decade of experience in the divestiture of real estate through sealed bid sales will serve its clients well in those situations where it makes the most sense to sell underperforming properties, withdraw from markets, or renegotiate or even terminate burdensome leases. We have significant experience in renegotiating lease and loan terms, and in disposing of underperforming assets in the shortest amount of time and with the greatest recovery for the client.

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